Saint Simons Music is the collaboration of musical LESSONS, Instrument ACCESSORIES/PRO-AUDIO gear, CONSIGNMENT sales and LIVE MUSIC/DJ bookings. Lessons offered: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Trumpet, Violin, Drums, Voice etc.

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Chris joined Saint Simons Music's team back in 2014 as a managing partner. He comes from a long line of musicians which explains why he sings like an angel. Chris is well-versed in many different types of business. From small business to the non-profit sector to large corporations and judicial circuit involvement, Chris has done it all. Check out his professional experience here.

Listen to Chris's band Coco & His Nillaz here.

Meet Marc: 

Marc is passionately driven by music; music is his life! He began playing music at a very young age and has continued non stop, a driving force. Marc has played with myriad of well known established musicians. Upon graduating from Armstrong Atlantic university in 2009, Marc opened “The School of Rock”, which later became Saint Simons Music.

Listen to Marc's band Space Kittenz here