Saint Simons Music is the collaboration of musical LESSONS, Instrument ACCESSORIES/PRO-AUDIO gear, CONSIGNMENT sales and LIVE MUSIC/DJ bookings. Lessons offered: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Trumpet, Violin, Drums, Voice etc.



Chris joined Saint Simons Music's team back in 2014 as a managing partner. He comes from a long line of musicians which explains why he sings like an angel. Chris has dedicated his life to ensure that Live Music lives long and prospers. 

Meet Marc: 

Marc is passionately driven by music; music is his life! He began playing music at a very young age and has continued non stop, a driving force. Marc has played with myriad of well known established musicians. Upon graduating from Armstrong Atlantic university in 2009, Marc opened Saint Simons music; often referred as "The School of Rock".

Listen to Marc's band Space Kittenz here